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Our product development team consists of specialists from various subject areas. Working together with our customers, it develops innovative and competitive products. This applies to all of our product categories. We are particularly characterized by our flexibility. In recent years, we have been constantly researching innovative raw materials, special health trends and extraordinary flavors. We are always at the forefront of the latest food trends. We strive for innovation as well as new approaches and ideas. This is why we also cooperate with various institutions in the form of research project. Thus, we are always familiar with the latest nutritional trends.  
Whether it is an adaptation of your own recipe or a complete new product development: We support you. 


Our premises include a modern equipped test bakery. All baking mixtures in our portfolio are developed and revised by our food technologists. The test bakery is also used for quality control. As part of our release processes, we carry out a trial baking of almost every baking mixture immediately after production to guarantee the specified quality. 


Our mixing lines offer the technical possibility to homogeneously mix both powdery as well as fragile raw materials, such as cornflakes and crispies. We work with particularly gentle mixing lines to avoid abrasion. In addition, we have the possibility to spray the raw materials with a coating during the mixing process. 


We have been producing extrudates on our various extrusion lines for over 15 years. Coating lines and dryers complete the equipment, causing hardly any limits to our production possibilities. Our current extrudates range from fine swelling flour, to structured granulates, to individual shaped extrudates in a wide variety of sizes, which can also be filled, if desired.


We can refine the crispies/extrudates with fruit juice concentrate, sweet or savory powders or with spices on a water or oil basis. 


From product development to packaging, we offer a gapless process chain to our customers. Our packaging systems enable extensive packaging, offering all possibilities from large containers up to end consumer packaging.
Bulk packaging: For industry and further processing, we pack your products in big bags, sacks or cartons.  

Small packaging:
For end consumers, we possess numerous small packaging machines, with which we pack your products in cans, folding boxes, doypacks, and bags in various sizes. These are in turn packed in cartons or in trays suitable for retail.  

Please feel free to contact us for individual packaging options.


We gladly support you with the transportation of your products, either with our own vehicles fleet or through external transport companies. Our trained logistics staff will also load your product ready for transport in containers for worldwide export. 

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